September 18, 2018 Minutes

Special Education District

Franklin and Jefferson Counties


Executive Board Minutes                                                                                            September 18, 2018


The Executive Board of the Special Education District of Franklin and Jefferson Counties met in regular session on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. The meeting was held at Kingdom Seed Ministries in Mt. Vernon, with Chairman Jason Henry presiding. At 9:00 a.m. roll was taken by the recording secretary, and a quorum was established.  All listed Executive Board members were physically present.



Executive Board Present:                                                           Executive Board Absent:

Erik Estill, Rome #2                                                                     Tammy McCollum, Akin #91

Jason Henry, Sesser-Valier #196                                                  Kristin Ing, Ewing-Northern #115

Tammy Beckham, McClellan #12                                                Brock Harris, Thompsonville #174

Aaron Mattox, Benton #103                                                        Mark Miller, Opdyke-Belle Rive #5              Quent Hamilton, Zeigler-Royalton #188                                     Gina Ilbery, Field #3

Steve Smith, Benton #47                                                               Chris McCann, Spring Garden #178

Stuart Parks, Grand Prairie #6                                                       Dave Larkin, Woodlawn #209

Mike Denault, Summersville #79                                                                                                

Jeff Fritchtnitch, Mt. Vernon #201                                                              

Dana Waggoner, Farrington #99

Aletta Lawrence, Mt. Vernon #80

Richard Towers, Christopher #99

Alan Estes, Waltonville #1

Craig Kujawa, Bethel #82

Shane Gordon, Bluford #318


Administrative Staff:                                                                  Guests: None                                  

Jera Pieper, Director, FJSPED #801

Lori McNeal, Bookkeeper, FJSPED #801



Consent Agenda:

Craig Kujawa moved to approve the Consent Agenda, which included:


   (a) Approve the Minutes of Regular Meeting of August 21, 2018

   (b) Approve the Payment of Bills

   (c) Approve the Treasurer’s Report

   (d) Approve the Lease with Mt. Vernon City Schools, District  #80


Stuart Parks seconded the Motion.  Upon roll call being called the following vote was recorded:


Voting for the motion: Tammy Beckham, Mike Denault, Craig Kujawa, Erik Estill, Quent Hamilton, Jason Henry, Aaron Mattox, Aletta Lawrence, Jeff Fritchtnitch, Dana Waggoner, Richard Towers, Steve Smith, Shane Gordon, Stuart Parks, Alan Estes.


Voting against the motion: None


Motion Carried.





Old Business:







New Business:  

Governing Board:

The Governing Board meeting was considered. By consensus it was set for October 30th, 2018 at the FJSPED office at 6:30p.m.


Director’s Report:

Jera Pieper stated that Salary Schedule forms would be sent to each District, to be based on October 1, 2018 Salary and Benefits. Jera Pieper will email electronic copies of 504 Documents to Superintendents.  Director Pieper detailed that FJSPED programs will have their data loaded into a report card for FJSPED, and information will be shared about this process as it is gained. 






At 9:10a.m. a motion to adjourn was made by Richard Towers, seconded by Aletta Lawrence.  The motion carried with a voice vote of all ayes with nays being none.













_________________________________                     _____________________________

Jason Henry, Chairman                                                  Richard Towers, Secretary